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New article alert: The history, present, and future of the developmental reform in juvenile justice

Dr. Cavanagh's latest article, titled The developmental reform in juvenile justice: Its progress and vulnerability, was recently published in Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. The developmental reform to juvenile justice shifted law, policy, and practice toward a research-informed perspective on adolescent development, representing important gains in policy/practice to maintain and build upon. Using a novel methodology of threat assessment with a panel of experts, we identified and tracked potential threats to the reform, mitigating strategies for those threats, and, five year later, the extent to which the threats had impacted the reform. Three threats (Racial Bias, Fragmented Efforts, and Trends in Other Social Systems) were reported as having manifested. Non-researchers were not aware of new/ongoing reform-relevant research, pointing to an opportunity for reform-minded researchers to disseminate their findings among policymakers and practitioners. We close with recommendations for sustaining the progress of the developmental reform movement.

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