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RA independent research projects (and congratulations, Maddie!)

The undergraduate research assistants completed their independent research projects last month, after working hard all year with data collected from our juvenile court partners. They developed research questions, reviewed the relevant literature, cleaned and analyzed data, and interpreted the results. The students presented their findings at MSU's University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF), as well as to the Ingham County 30th Circuit Court- Family Division where they discussed ways to apply their findings to practice.

Maddie Allen was awarded first place at UURAF 2022 for her independent research project! Maddie is interested in factors that are protective against juvenile recidivism. She found that strengths in youth’s family, personality/attitudes, and education were protective, suggesting that case planning should leverage these strengths. You can watch her presentation here:

Karissa White looked at clusters of risk factors for recidivism among court-involved youth. She found that considering risk factors as a cluster of related needs was more helpful for case planning than for assessing risk of recidivism. Learn more here:

Casey Orr was inspired by Michigan's newly-implemented Raise the Age legislation & tested youth recidivism by age. She found that youth were less likely to recidivate as they got older. Check out her presentation:

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