Dr. Cavanagh awarded Social & Racial Justice Grant

Dr. Cavanagh was awarded funding from the MSU College of Social Science entitled, Identifying the Critical Trustees for Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance in Disenfranchised Communities. Along with an interdisciplinary team (Joe Hamm, MSU School of Criminal Justice; Jennifer Carrera, MSU Department of Sociology; Bengt Arnetz, MSU Department of Family Medicine; Kent Key, MSU Division of Public Health; Susan Woolford, UM Department of Pediatrics), Dr. Cavanagh will examine barriers to COVID-19 vaccine acceptance within marginalized communities. Dr. Cavanagh's role will be in better understanding marginalized parents' decisions about vaccinating their children, and the extent to which children may disagree with their parents' vaccination decision.

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Dr. Cavanagh was tenured and promoted to the role of Associate Professor at MSU. Congratulations, Dr. Cavanagh!