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Doctoral Student Erica Dalzell wins University-wide mentoring award

A huge congratulations to doctoral student Erica Dalzell, who was awarded the 2022 MSU Graduate School Outstanding Doctoral Student Mentor Award! This award honors one graduate student university-wide who has engaged in excellent mentorship. Erica is so deserving of this award. She is a past president of the Graduate Student Association, and during her tenure she advocated for coursework improvements and financial support for to improve graduate student quality of life. To describe her full impact as a mentor, here is a quote from her award letter:

“Her mentoring legacy is, perhaps, most extraordinary when you examine the impact she has had on undergraduate students. Many of the undergraduates may expect to do only data entry, but instead are mentored by Ms. Dalzell through all facets of a research project: identifying a testable hypothesis, designing appropriate research methodologies, applying for funding to support the work, writing up results for publication and dissemination, and translating research to practice. Her mentees present their work at national conferences,

UURAF, and for community research partners. Ms. Dalzell mentors her team in professional norms from public speaking to interviewing, so that they can each find the professional path that best fits their goals. Of Erica’s 17 mentees, 15 earned grant funding & most have gone on to grad programs or applied juvenile justice work. Under her mentorship, all of these students have made important contributions to the literature & a tangible difference in the lives of system-involved youth.”

Congratulations, Erica!

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