Find ADJust lab at ACJS!

The ADJust lab is excited to present four original, empirical research studies at ACJS. Find us on Friday, 2/16 and the poster session in Grand Ballroom A from 3:30 to 5:00 pm!

Research assistants will present the following exciting studies:

Comparing Parenting Practices among the Parents of Juvenile Sex Offenders and Non-Sex Offenders

Jessica Urch, Erica Dalzell, & Caitlin Cavanagh

Differences in Guilt and Self-Esteem between the Juvenile Sex Offenders and Non-Sexual Juvenile Offender

Ashley Anderson, Erica Dalzell, Kaitlyn Rines, Caitlin Cavanagh, & William Davidson

Examining the Likelihood of Relapse among Juvenile Offenders Recovering from Substance Abuse Disorder

Kelsey Bees, Kaitlyn Rines, Amber Mandalari, Erica Dalzell, Caitlin Cavanagh, & William Davidson

Family Criminogenic Risk Scores of Female Offenders who are Victims of Human Trafficking

Anastasia Machasic, Kaitlyn Rines, Erica Dalzell, Amber Mandalari, Caitlin Cavanagh, & William Davidson

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